Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Recently my cousins & I got the supremely bright (not!) idea to get into a protracted debate about the nature of reality. With our inevitable verve & panache, we spent a few days rambling on about the relative merits of the deontological & utilitarian approaches to morality. Of course, leave it to me (duh!) to give them all my decidedly unpopular views on this kind of thing. Upon my having touched upon an extremely seriously sore spot within our mixed bag of nuts, they proceeded to pounce upon me. I was merely trying to tell the truth as well I understand it. They, of course, entirely mistakenly thought I was being mean & insensitive. Once again, many thanks to my old pal Jo Anne from the old neighborhood. Mary Anne & Steve, in Italy, got an e mail from a guy named Francesco who claims he's a relative of ours. That's just what we need is another cousin. Bridget went to school this morning but Sam stayed home with a cold. He was watching TV for a while, most recently VH1.

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