Monday, November 19, 2007


Today's been a really quiet enjoyable day so far. We ate sandwiches(cold cuts) & drank celery soda. The kids are now at school. Cathleen asked for my address so she can send me a souvenir of California. It's been a cold but clear day. I'm very happy to see the rain from last night & early this morning ended. The kids' trip to school didn't have to subject them to all that aggravation. After school, Bridget has to go to a CCD class. I suppose I shall read some more of that Virginia Woolf book. Mary Anne & Steve promised to send me an e mail but so far I haven't gotten it yet. My cousins' current debate has really gotten my brain cells into a state of total hyperactivity. Having taken a grand total of a whopping thirteen credits worth of philosophy courses over the course of my educational lifetime, I thoroughly enjoy a good debate, especially of the kind that allows me to take advantage of those classes. I just got an e mail from Mary Anne. She & Steve are in Rome having a good time. They have to pay for internet access though so we can't expect to keep in touch very much.

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