Monday, December 03, 2007


Saturday night, I was a lector at 5:00 p.m. Mass. I hope all my high school friends had a great time at the big reunion. I usually manage to make it to all those things but this time there were circumstances beyond my control. Saturday night there was a big storm so I ended up having to spend around fifteen minutes on Sunday morning with the snow blower. Last night there was an ice storm but this morning wasn't so bad. Nothing seemed to have stuck. I finished "The Professor & The Madman" & am still plowing my way through "War & Peace". Of course, in keeping with my two_at_a_time rule, I've started a biography of Geoffrey Chaucer. I seem to be reading about a lot of famous authors lately. We are now in cold/flu season & I don't happen to have one. Usually I manage to get at least something but this time I'm one of the few who've managed to beat it. Christmas cards, slowly but surely, are starting to trickle in a few at a time. It's very good to see that Uncle Frankie's been back on his feet again. Over the weekend Fran made sure she showed up with doughnuts. On top of that my father even made a cake. It's starting out to be the usual typically fat December. I can't handle all the junk food but the closer Christmas gets, the more fattening everything inevitably gets. The librarian is rambling on with one of the patrons about current events. Of course, nobody(ahem, except for a certain cousin of mine) likes W. but that leaves us stuck with the Democrats.

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