Saturday, February 23, 2008


The bad blizzard started a couple of nights ago. All sorts of trouble comes from these kinds of things. We're supposed to end up with around seven inches of snow over the course of the weekend. New York has gotten an even worse trouncing than we. JFK, LaGuardia & other airports are entirely out of control. Mary Ellen says Buffalo isn't all that bad though. Predictably, schools over here are all closed. The TV screen is constantly flashing all sorts of information about closings, & news about the damage that's been done. Mary Anne& Steve have to take Bridget to the doctor for tests today. That must be annoying for them, especially considering their weather. The library was closed yesterday but they're back to the normal schedule today. Uncle Frankie showed up for a while yesterday. Fortunately he only lives around a mile away so it's not all that big of a trip for him. Unfortunately, I read in the Citizen's Voice yesterday that the price of wheat is going up. That means that pizza prices will also be going through the roof. The article specifically singled out pizza, a major Lenten staple, as one of the things that have been hardest hit by the price hike. Gas prices have also started to get out of control lately. Yesterday meat wasn't allowed so I was forced to improvise with lots of vegetables, pizza, peanut butter & jelly etc. Sometimes it can get rather boring with that kind of menu but I have been known to be at least fairly creative about it all.

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