Thursday, February 21, 2008


Uncle Frankie showed up again yesterday & hung around for a while. All has been going quite well, so far, for him. He keeps busy by constantly chasing after the dog. I'd go crazy with something like that. I've never liked animals but I suppose it's cool for somebody who does. Unfortunately, Karen's been having trouble lately. We've all been trying to keep in touch with Mary Ellen about her progress. I'm still reading that Walker Percy book. I have a few more books of his someplace but I have no idea of exactly where they are. There is now officially a plant named after Yoko Ono. Here are a couple of comments about it: "I wouldn't tap that even if I was blindfolded". _Oscar Wilde. "Hating Yoko Ono is now officially the Ninth Beatitude"._God. I found out all about it in the Uncyclopedia. To my chagrin I keep hearing that we're expecting snow tomorrow.

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