Monday, February 18, 2008


It turned out to be a nice quiet weekend. There's been rain since last night. I read more of "Emma" & now only have a couple of dozen pages to go before it's finished. My mother tried to get in touch with Mary Ellen last night but all she could get was Michael's message on their machine. I turned on channel 72 over the weekend & found out that for whatever reason, the channel with all the old movies isn't available now. It's all static & fuzz. I suppose I shall have to get my nostalgia fix elsewhere for at least a little while anyway. Fran hasn't been around lately. She's staying close to work these days. For her that's an extremely smart move since she works so extremely far away. On top of everything else, gas prices have been shooting up like crazy lately too these days. Today's Presidents' Day. In earlier days, Washington & Lincoln were the only biggies. Each got a day of his own. Now it's a collective sort of a thing for the whole bunch. Days like this inevitably fall on Monday. Those three day weekends are important. The library people claimed to have been forced to get rid of Myspace starting today, but I just logged into my account with no trouble. It will most probably kick in soon enough though.

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