Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last night, I finished "Emma" & started Walker Percy's "The Thanatos Syndrome". It's another one I've read a few times. February is more than half over by now. Yesterday, on the news, I saw something I couldn't possibly even begin to try to believe. There's a bit of a hoo.hah over here these days about whether school districts should be allowed to have separate schools for boys & girls. Amazingly, the left_wingers....what else is new?...managed to bring accusations of discrimination into things. One black woman even compared it, predictably, to Jim Crow legislation. When I was a kid, separating boys & girls in school was fairly common practice. At St. Gabriel's in East Elmhurst, nuns got the younger kids & girls from sixth grade on. Brothers got the boys from sixth grade on. For high school, St. Pius X in Uniondale got the boys & Queen of the Rosary Academy in Amityville got the girls. It was all based entirely on what the families wanted. These days nothing happens without its being seen through the eyes of liberal paranoia. If it doesn't meet with the approval of the tolerance gestapo it doesn't happen.

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