Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yesterday Uncle Frankie came over for a few hours. After he went home to feed the dog, he showed up again so he & my parents could go shopping at the Dollar Store. Now, there's a for sure interesting trip. Of course they ended up getting the inevitable endless supply of chocolate candy & pizza to show for it. I've been getting a few e mails from Mary Ellen lately, keeping me informed about Karen's circumstances. Everybody was expecting snow last night or today but it seems to have passed us by so far. Rocco showed up at Mass Monday & today so he was the lector both times. His schedule's been more than somewhat on the confusing side lately. I just noticed that Feb. 18 was Yoko Ono's birthday. I hear she claims to be a witch. She's also having trouble with a new singer(woman) named Lennon Murphy. Sir Paul Mccartney & his wife Heather are still trying to finalize their divorce. I've gotten through quite a bit of that Walker Percy book so far. I've read it a few times already.

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