Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yesterday's weather was an absolute nightmare with bitter cold rain & puddles of slush. My shoes & socks got soaked straight through when I was forced to step in a puddle. Today's still cold & there's entirely too much ice on the ground, but at least the freezing rain & other annoyances have all stopped for now. Unfortunately Uncle Frankie is still too sick to get around very much. Nothing much is on TV these days so last night I spent a while reading that Shakespeare play. It's been tough on me because I'm not even the least bit familiar with it. Every couple of days I try to read a little more of it at a time. So far I've been doing a fairly good job of keeping my New Year's resolution not to eat so much anymore. As always these days, my Facebook account has been getting lots of mileage. I get to see a lot of big news about what everybody's been up to lately. This morning I made an appointment to get an inspection & oil change for my car on Wednesday morning.

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