Saturday, June 06, 2009


Gas prices have been going up these days though there's no real reason they should. Uncle Frankie came for a while last night on his way over to a wake for a relative of his. Surprisingly I haven't gotten any headaches, major itching or any other significantly obnoxious aches & pains for quite a while by now. Tomorrow my nephew Sam will turn sixteen years old. It seems as if it were only yesterday when I was his age. Jennifer's birthday is coming up on Monday. I'm still reading all those books, consistently sticking to my habit of trying for around fifty pages each day. This weekend, so far, I don't have to be bothered with doing any lectoring at Mass. All that means, though, is that I'm not officially on the schedule. Lately there's been quite a lot of road work being done on Eighth Street over in West Wyoming. Construction workers hogging up the streets & blocking traffic has always bugged the hell out of me ever since I was a kid. I know it's a necessary evil but it's still an absolutely unbearably annoying thing.