Friday, June 05, 2009


The weather absolutely stinks today. It's a cold miserable rain, not even a nice spring shower. For exactly that very reason we shall have to do an even more enthusiastic Friday dance. Uncle Frankie called yesterday when my parents were gone shopping. He later came over with his very favorite pasta recipe. I watched "Becker" again yesterday. I don't usually bother with new or recent shows but that's always struck me as quite an especially good one. A little while ago I found out from one of my plurk connections that GM has recently sold Saturn. CNN reported the big news. I've had my '92 Saturn ever since the beginning of 1996 & it still works exceptionally well, especially considering how old it is. Fr. Walsh wasn't available today so Fr. McDonnell, O.S.J., celebrated Mass. After Mass I went over to Rose Chairge's & got a haircut at 9:30. When I went there on Wednesday she wasn't around but she said that was because she showed up very late that day. I'm still reading all those books. Yesterday I finished Thomas Merton's "No Man Is An Island"