Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday. He got me to drink some new V_8 drink that was a combination of flavors, like peach__mango. Unfortunately I don't usually bother to eat very much fruit so things like that are always quite good for me. One of these days I suppose I shall have to get a very desperately needed haircut. It's nice to have long hair but by now it's been getting too much out of my control. Another thing I shall have to do is get cracking about current events. Yesterday On "Jeopardy" there was a category about our abortion president's new cabinet & the only name I recognized was that of the Secretary of State. Yesterday I saw John Huston's movie version of Flannery O'Connor's "Wise Blood". Having already read the book at least about a million times over by now, I could recognize easily that the movie was quite faithful to it. Summer will be very soon upon us. There are only nineteen more days to go before the new season. It rained for a little while when I first went out this morning but lately the weater's been very nice.