Friday, October 16, 2009


So far there hasn't been any snow in this immediate area but there was an absolutely miserable rainstorm yesterday & last night. I haven't gotten much of a chance lately to take advantage of the de_icer but it will come in quite handy very soon. It's still pretty bad today. If my father & Uncle Frankie go to a game tonight it will hurt quite a lot. Everyone should do his Friday dance indoors. I don't have to lector until next weekend. Tomorrow I have to go to another lay Carmelite meeting. As far as I know there's nothing significant on our agenda this month. My cold is still fairly mild so far although it's very annoying. I'm still reading those books. Things like that are really good for keeping my mind busy. Richie put yet another picture of us old folks on Facebook. This one has the Ronald & his brother Java, Elaine, Mark & his brother Frank, Larry & his brother Gary, & me, with our grandmother. It's yet another blast from our past in 1962.