Saturday, October 17, 2009


My father & Uncle Frankie made it to their big game last night. I'm most certainly so happy I didn't have to go with them. Fran called while they were gone. I went to Wilkes_Barre for the Carmelite meeting this morning. It's a fairly easy trip for me so I didn't have any trouble getting there on time. Our leader, Barbara, though, who lives over in Lackawanna County, was around a half hour late because of the weather. She called last night & told everybody she'd be showing up so we expected to see her. Elena showed up. It was only her second meeting. For the past few days it's been icy cold, bitter & raining constantly. Because I don't have to lector this weekend I shall most probably go to Mass tomorrow at 10:30. For some insane reason "I Love Lucy" is always on for five hours a day lately.