Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"I Love Lucy" is still on for a full four hours each weeknight now. Nothing currently on TV is any good anyway. My cough is still annoying but I take cough drops & a Nyquil_ish syrup for it. I've been reading the book by Umberto Eco each day lately. It has enough obscure references in it to keep me quite confused for quite a while. I just noticed a Facebook post, on cousin Rich's site, that has a picture of my grandmother(long dead) & cousins Elaine, the Ronald (Rich's father), Gary, Mark & me. It was taken in 1962. The cousins all still look about the same. The only difference is that now we're very much older than we were back then. Although it's still fairly warm for October around here it's been getting a little chillier lately. Yesterday I just noticed on the news that Minnesota got a blizzard.