Monday, October 12, 2009


The weekend went well. I didn't have to lector this weekend. Yesterday, immediately after 10:30 Mass, I made sure I took advantage of my coupon & went to the TGI Friday's across the street from the Wyoming Valley Mall. Rebecca was my waitress. I got a Jack Daniel's Burger with French fries & raspberry iced tea. I got a refill for the tea. Because it was my first time at that specific franchise of theirs I got a free spinach dip with nacho chips. I just noticed, on the menu, that they have a liquor license. Uncle Frankie came over for supper yesterday so when I got home I ended up having to eat yet another entire meal. There was a meeting for the Holy Name Society last night too. Jerry made chile. Having already gotten my full of food all day long, though, I made sure I only drank a beer & left after it was over. Today is Columbus Day. As a long_time Knight of Columbus I am so happy about this. As always the Prometheans in the P.C. crowd are grinding & gnashing their teeth about it.