Thursday, January 07, 2010


The weather has been a little colder than I like it today but at least yesterday's brief snowfall didn't amount to anything. It was just annoying & frustrating. We're supposed to have quite a bitter cold spell within the next week. Bob called yesterday but I wasn't home so I called him back. We talked for a few minutes. Last night's meeting in Pittston turned out well. Everyone except Jonathan showed up. Fr. Jackson only stayed for a few minutes. When I first got there the doors were locked & Lynn Marie, who had the key, was in her van rambling on with someone on the phone. Fortunately she only kept me waiting a fairly short time. Because of conflicts in people's schedules the next meeting is supposed to be on a Thursday. No one showed up at Mass at St. John's this morning until the very last minute. There were only a few people there because of their friend's funeral today.