Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This morning was another icy cold day. My windows were covered with ice. I tried filling out a job application this morning for one of the local rehabilitation centers. They ask all sorts of questions I've never even heard of before. They wanted to know about whether or not I have a criminal record. That's always been standard up to a point but these characters go way beyond overboard. They ask about all sorts of specific federal offenses, including the most grossly graphic. Since they deal with people whose circumstances are ultra.hypersensitive, though, I guess they have to be supremely careful about whom they get mixed up with. Filling out forms like that gets me crazy but it has to be done. I woke up with a headache in the middle of the night but I took a couple of pills & it's gone. My nephew Michael just sent me some of his philosophy homework. He's been studying David Hume. I've always been an especially big fan of philosophy & could use a bit of a refresher course in it all. Last night, a little while after Uncle Frankie showed up, I went to 7:00 Mass at St. Anthony's in Exeter because I wasn't available in the morning. After that I watched over half of Frank Capra's classic "Lost Horizon". Yesterday, in the latest issue of one of the Carmelite periodicals I like to read, I found out that the Carmelites' NGO is trying to lobby for a carbon tax to limit the amount of CO2 in the environment.

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