Thursday, March 27, 2008


The weather today is nice but fairly cold. Last night I read more of "The Iliad". Uncle Frankie came over for a while. I went to 7:00 Mass at St. Anthony of Padua. It was just a typical night. After Mass, I stopped at CVS on Wyoming Ave. for 2% milk & bread. I only ended up being able to get a gallon of milk. It cost around $3.50. On top of that the lady at the counter insisted that because it was Gerrity's brand & they don't sell Gerrity's_well then why in Sam Hill did they have it there, duh!_I'd have to put it back & take another. I did. There was no bread. That forced me to go to Turkey Hill down the road apiece. I spent around another $3.50 for rye bread. It was either that or twelve.grain. Their selection absolutely stunk. I just noticed, on Netpotion, that Rainee & I both live in the same general area. She was quite stunned to find out that one of her connections could possibly live in the same area as she. Unlike the past few days, there was 9:00 Mass at St. Joseph's this morning. I went to confession right before Mass.

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