Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This morning I took advantage of my McDonald's coupon from the last blood drive I attended. I went over to the McDonald's on Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming & got a coffee with milk & sugar, & an egg mcmuffin. It was really nice for a change of pace but I could never get into the habit of eating in a place like that. I still have one for a Wendy's milk shake. When I pulled into the parking lot some complete buffoon of an old woman was pulling out from her space & never bothered to stop to avoid hitting me. It was lucky I came up with the presence of mind, ahead of time, to stop so I could avoid an accident. She came too close to me & barely missed my car. The weather's very nice & springy today but to my chagrin, I heard on the classical radio station this morning that we're expecting snow again soon. There should be an inch, followed by rain. This morning, right after I got the Citizen's Voice at the local Wyoming Avenue Unimart, I took a ride down Eighth Street toward O.L. Sorrows & got a reminder of exactly how paranoid I've always been around policemen. As I got into the left_turn lane & got ready to turn from Wyoming Avenue to Eighth Street, it occurred to me that there was a Wyoming police car right behind me. He didn't have his lights or sirens on. He was just there. I started getting suspicious thinking I was in trouble for having done something stupid even though I knew perfectly well I couldn't have. That's typical of me.

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