Friday, March 28, 2008


Today, it's a miserable day so far, though it may get better later on. The rain is very cold & anything but spring_like. So far the weekend doesn't seem to have anything distinctive in store for us, though I have to lector tomorrow, with Laura, at 5:00 p.m. Mass. So far, I've gotten only two answers from my resumes at the job fair. They're both for places that help the handicapped. Today's the day for our legendary Friday dance. Limber up the gams & let's get hoofing. I'm still reading "The Iliad". It's more than a little thick & tough on my brain cells. The references are obscure. I try to read at least thirty pages a day but it's hard because it's not an easy style to handle. I'm still putting as many of my books as possible on Shelfari & Librarything. The high school football season has started up again. I overheard my father & Uncle Frankie say recently that they'll be back to their Friday night jaunts pretty soon. I've never liked sports so I'm always exempt from things like that. Fran is still recuperating from her broken gam. All is still about the same as ever.

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