Saturday, April 12, 2008


Next door to the Wyoming Free Library is the friendly neighborhood Methodist church. Today something is going on over there & both parking lots are entirely filled up. I ended up being forced to park over on one of the local side streets & take a short walk over here. I most certainly need the exercise & at least it's not raining although it was last night. This morning I put my computer on top of my desk. It still has to be hooked up though. Since I was on a bit of a roll anyway, I decided to take advantage & do a bit of spring cleaning. I dusted & put some clothes away. I made sure I asked John this morning why the library was closed when I first showed up yesterday. He gave me a predictable answer. Barbara was sick & couldn't show up. He couldn't get here until 10:30 because he always has to take public transportation. That's most certainly not exactly a big surprise. Something weird is constantly happening over here. I like it much better than Copiague's library though. They're all completely impossible to take over there. I'm still reading all those books, a little of each at a time. I've got to cut down on my compulsive coffee drinking. I've always really enjoyed it but I've been finding out lately about all sorts of medical studies showing that it's awfully bad for the health. Knowing me, I shall most probably never end up giving up on it. It's my one & only real vice(ahem). Tonight I have to make sure I show up at 5:00 Mass so I can lector with Rocco. Laura's not available. Lately all my relatives are abuzz with the current events & inevitable controversy that go with being a part of our lopsided crowd. The cousins are keeping in touch on the email list.

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