Monday, April 07, 2008


Everybody made the trip except me. Having spent much of Saturday & some of yesterday with a bad headache, I blew my chance to go to Jim Thorpe to see KrissyKrissyKrissy. I made sure I finished the dvd of "The Guardian" which she lent me a few months ago. My parents gave it back to her when they & other kinfolk spent the day visiting her. My mother went down there with some relatives & My father & Uncle Frankie went down right after the big game. Unfortunately the latest news story around here is about anti.Semitic vandalism against a Wilkes_Barre synagogue. Two teenaged girls, members of a Nazi cult, put anti.Semitic graffiti on Congregation Ohav Zedek. We can't let this garbage go on. Wilkes_Barre's already a bad enough area anyway. The weather's been very nice lately but a smidge colder than I'd like it. We just got some e mails from Mary Ellen & Vinnie about Karen's latest circumstances. We shall all have to keep in touch with her. My brother in law, Steve, has a jazz band & a Myspace site. I should most certainly hope everybody listens to them. Their username is Spectrumjazzco. Yesterday I was looking through a book I have about the Beatles. It was really interesting to get a reminder of exactly who wrote their songs & how things were done in those days.

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