Friday, April 11, 2008


Either yesterday or today, according to my sources, is David Cassidy's fifty eighth birthday. In the immediate aftermath of the Beatles' break_up, the Partridge/Brady rivalry most certainly helped give people a much needed distraction. Let's do the Friday dance to a medley of their songs. I found out that the name Partridge is big in England, & Brady is famous in Ireland. For that reason it's also a good metaphor for the troubles between those two peoples. My cyber friend Gary is back in circulation after his heart attack. He's still a wild & crazy guy (wink wink nudge nudge....). All he could think of was that the women who were his doctor & nurses were such a bunch of lookers. Uncle Frankie came over for a while last night. He & my parents ended up watching a western from the sixties. Roy Orbison was in it. Fran called a while ago. She got her cast taken off. From what I can remember of what I went through when it was my turn, it must have been quite a thrill for her. I got completely spaced out when mine was first removed. I wasn't in any pain, just went stark raging nuts. This morning I took apart the computer that doesn't work & put it into the garage. Pretty soon I shall have to figure out exactly what I can possibly do with the other one. Last night Laura called. Because of personal commitments she wants to switch. I have to lector for her on Saturday & she gets my turn on Sunday. For some reason Wyoming's library is closed & I'm back at the Hoyt again. It appears to be one of the main libraries in the area. I've started reading "The Aenead" even though I'm still reading that Jane Austen book. It's in keeping with my usual practice. I still haven't finished reading "The Iliad".

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