Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Lately the weather's been getting better. Let's just hope spring keeps going like this. As long as it's not raining I'm happy. Snow now would be completely insane. I made sure I sent Karen a card this morning. She needs lots of encouragement these days considering her circumstances. There's been no news from Uncle Frankie or Fran lately. As far as I know they've been doing well. I found out in church that that lady who got sick a couple of days ago has been recuperating quite well lately. Gary, one of my Newblog & Netpotion connections, just had a heart attack. It took him three days to figure out what was really going on. He's only forty one years old. He's in a hospital somewhere over in Missouri. He always really likes to listen to KTOZ_FM, the radio station that's known over there as Alice955. Everybody's been sending them e mails wishing him a nice speedy recovery. He's a neat guy who, at least when healthy, always seems to have a spunky streak. Let's just hope it sticks with him. Yesterday I finished reading "Pride & Prejudice" & got started on "Sense & Sensibility". Lately Obama, Hillary Clinton & McCain are all over the place. I've really never been all that especially interested in keeping track of things like this, unfortunately, but it's a necessary evil. Soon W. will be out the door, put to pasture. I really can't say I expect any of them to be the least bit better unfortunately.

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