Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today's weather has been very nice so far. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday & left a box of donuts when I wasn't around. I haven't seen Fran lately. Yesterday I made sure I went over to Barnes & Noble at the Casey Plaza. One day, a few months ago, I took KrissyKrissyKrissy for a ride to the one on Main Street in Wilkes_Barre because back then I wasn't the least bit sure of how to get to this one. It's really easy to find though. It's right over by the Wyoming Valley Mall. That's always been one of my very favorite environments. They even have a capuccino stand. Besides Borders, theirs is about the best selection of books. Unfortunately the nearest Borders is somewhere way over in Scranton. I've most certainly gotten through quite a bit of that Jane Austen book. Next, I shall probably try to take a crack at Virgil's "Aenead". That church lady, who got sick a few days ago, most certainly appears to be back on her feet so far. She showed up at Mass this morning. Unfortunately, gas prices have been going up again. From the looks of what I've seen so has the price of everything else except the Citizen's Voice. On top of that, Java's favorite won't be letting any troops come home after the summer. Yesterday I watched a little of Oprah Winfrey's boring show for some strange reason. She's involved with some new artsy.fartsy trend. It bored me like crazy of course so I didn't bother even to go on watching it.

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